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Kshar Sutra Introduction

Bhopal Ayurvedic Surgical Center is a fastest growing Hospital for Piles Fistula Fissure and Kshar Sutra therapy in INDIA we are making own Kshar Sutra with best tensile strength batter then the best cutting rate with standardised thickness of 1mm with the 30cm (1ft) length for our use. Our doctor has experience in Kshar Sutra manufacturing. (Department of Shalya tantra IMS BHU and Bhopal Ayurvedic Surgical Center Bhopal Madhya Pradesh INDIA)

we have highly experienced doctor in our hospital (Dr Meher Prakash Patel PGDAJ Post Graduate In Anushastra Karma from Institute of Meidical Sciences Banaras Hindu University Varanasi UP INDIA) for making classy Kshar Sutras. Our Kshar sutras standards and most of the manufacturing methods are inspired from Department of Shalya Tantra IMS BHU Varanasi. We never compromise with our quality standards we always look forward to improve our quality.


A Unit Of Bhopal Ayurvedic Surgical Center.

This is the Hospital For Piles, Fistula, Fissure & Pilonidal Sinus. If you are wondering if you need a Doctor to represent you for a Diseases, guess what, you probably do. We are specifically trained in how the Piles Fistula Fissure and other Anorectal problems work and how to cure of that with naturelly so that they never occur again and you can come out from this problem forever. While you are wondering do keep in mind that if you mess up it could cost you dearly. How well do you know about your Probems or diseases and procedures when your doctor treating you? Do you know them well enough to say, " Yeah, I trust the saftey of my body in my knowledge"

About Our Doctor

Dr M. P. Patel

Bhopal Ayurvedic Surgical Center Hospital was started by Dr. Meher Prakash Patel in 2013 after he completed his post graduation from Department of Shalya Tantra IMS BHU Varanasi (Banaras) realized that Piles Fistula Fissure and other anorectal problems are very common and many people in all age groups are suffering from this then He decided that he should start a BASC Hospital that cared about something besides just money.Dr. Meher Prakash Patel has been treated over Thousands of Patients and is one of the best at what he does. He has been one of our Kshar Sutra specialists here at the Bhopal Ayurvedic Surgical Center Hospital. When you need help out of a situation that may or may not be your fault, come to BASC Hospital so that you can have someone help you out instead of just wanting your money.

Best Quality Coating

During the coating is it very important to observe each and every thing like consistency of thread because the layer by layer coating has to be done at right time at the beginning of our coating we coat a protective layer on the thread by plain guggulu this protective layer protects surgical linen thread from the apamarga kshar once when we done the protective layer on the thread we starts coating of other layers like guggulu apamarga then guggulu apamarga with haridra excreta in this whole procedure we have to maintain certain fix amount of ingredients like amount of guugulu amount of apamarga kshar and haridra because if something goes wrong in the quantity the whole coating get useless and the thread get worthless.

Standardized thickness of 1 mm

It is very important to make the thread thickness standered because thickness matters during the application of kshar sutra thickness should be equal and exact not too thick and not too thin it should be accurate according to usage that’s why we standardized it on 1 mm because it is more than sufficient for fistulous track and good for piles mass ligation and one more thing we consider the diameter of probe eye because thread should be match the size of probe eye diameter so that surgeon can put the thread in the probe eye easily without making any damage of kshar sutra coating.

Premium quality packaging

Packaging material is very important thing when we are packing the kshar sutra at first we have to maintain the hygiene because this tool is going to be used on human body and second thing that moisture is the enemy of kshar sutra we have to take care about both things that’s why we pack it in food grade plastic tubes with screw cap which is commonly used for collection of blood samples this material is totally safe and trusted by many pathologist who are using this is regular practice on their pathology centers


During the kshar sutra application or operation when we apply the kshar Sutra thread in the pile mass or in fistula track we have to tie the kshar sutra in the probe eye first and then we put kshar sutra in piles mass or fistula track but in this whole procedure kshar sutra miss handled many times by us and because of this mishandlings the coating of kshar sutra is get off from the thread every kshar sutra surgeon or therapist face this kind of problem that’s why we worked on it and made a very first kshar sutra which is very strong it never loses its coating in worst conditions even if you make surgical knot.

It has best and highest tensile strength and standardized thickness of 1 mm and length of 30 cm (1 feet) so with our kshar sutra you can apply or tie the kshar sutra very easily and without any hassle.


We have a highly qualified staff that has been through many interviews to make sure that will be able to uphold the standards that we believe in here at the BASC Hospital. While there are too many to list here do know that everyone that you get in contact with from the BASC Hospital is not only highly educated, has a great personality and knows the in's and out's of the Kshar Sutra Therapy, they are also great people that care about you and are here to help you out with your current situation.

Our goal is to increase awareness about the procedures like Kshara Sutra (caustic cauterization) becouse it can cure Piles Fistula Fissure completely B.A.S.C Hospital's aim is to change current scenario about Ayurvedic surgery on human scale for non invasive or minimal invasive Ayurvedic surgical solution for resolving the Piles, fistula, fissure, problems.